Managing a business of any size means wearing many hats from director to manager to accountant, business development expert and marketing head. If your business has any kind of internet presence – and who doesn’t these days – then SEO manager will be a part of the role of you or whoever operates that. But SEO or search engine optimisation can be a tricky thing to master and that’s why you might better leaving your SEO to a true expert.

SEO = Google

In most cases, when we talk about SEO and the rules that govern it, we are talking about the rules established by Google. With over 77% of the world share of search, there’s little doubt that Google is the single biggest search engine and therefore, experts work the most often with their rules, standards and policies. But these are ever changing and this is one of the first reasons to consider using an SEO expert.

Be up to date

There’s a lot to keep track of with SEO because not only does Google undertake large updates to their system regularly, there are also lots of small ones. This means that the role of the SEO expert means keeping constantly up to date with those changes. For the business owner or a single member of staff multitasking with various jobs, this can be all but impossible to do. And if you don’t keep up to date…

Avoid mistakes and penalties

You can find yourself suddenly invisible to search engines because you have done something you were told was a good idea but turned out to have incurred a penalty from Google. And what does this mean? It means you can vanish from search engine results for a period and will get no traffic from it. There are also lots of less serious mistakes that you can make that can put the presence of your website backwards.

Master Local SEO

For most businesses, you have a geographical element to your business – you are trying to attract customers from your specific area. Another reason for hiring a London SEO company when you are based in the capital, for example, is that they will know the best ways to show up on those local results. Working with companies such as Grapefruit Digital SEO Agency means you can find strategies that will increase your local presence while still attracting national and international customers if suitable.

Find a specialist

As well as local knowledge, you can also find experts who specialise in a certain area. So if you need SEO for Photographers, for example, you can find a specialist or a company who work primarily in this area. They will have an advanced understanding of the best keywords to use in your copy, what kind of blog topics will generate interest and all the other tricks that make an SEO expert.

Get real results

You can always tell a true SEO expert – they don’t tell you they will get you to the top of the search engine rankings within a few days. SEO takes time and work and a true expert know that. They will concentrate on getting real results that will improve your business’ profile, not merely offer quick fixes that make a short-term boost.